Get ready for some berry magical adventures and fun in “Strawberryland” with these Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Ideas! Transform your home or yard into the delightfully delicious Strawberry Land for your child’s birthday party with these Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Ideas, Party Games and all-around party fun!

We have best suggestions for Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Ideas for one, two, three, four & five Year Old kids/ toddlers.

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    Strawberryland DécorHang a Strawberry Shortcake Banner in the entrance way for when guests arrive. Adorn pink, lime green and red balloons and streamers. Use construction paper and markers to make lots of small and large strawberries, blueberries, lemons, oranges and so on, and post them around the house. Make lots of strawberries out of red and pink balloons and green tissue paper for the top and make dots for the seeds with a black marker. Consider downloading pictures of Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, Angel Cake, Ginger Snap and other friends, and lining them up in your hallway. Set up a Strawberry Shortcake Pinata full of candy as a spectacle of mystery in an open area. String red Christmas lights around the party rooms and along outdoor and indoor railings. Burn strawberry incense throughout the house, and as each guest arrives, initiate them strawberry style by spraying them with strawberry scent.

Strawberry-land Playgrond –
Play the Best Games Around

Prepare a mix of fruity-smelling play dough. Simply mix a package of blueberry Kool-Aid with blue play dough for Huckleberry Pie dough, or a package of lemon Kool-Aid with yellow play dough for Lemon Meringue dough, and so on. A great way to occupy the kids creatively!


This is a variation on the familiar game of hot potato. You’ll either want to buy a strawberry cushion, or simply make one out of red, green and black felt cut into the shape of a strawberry and stuffed with tissue or beans. Now sit around in a circle or “the strawberry patch” and play music, preferably Strawberry Shortcake music. Let the children pass along the strawberry until the music stops. Whoever’s left holding the strawberry has to step outside the strawberry patch. The winner got to keep the strawberry.


Organize a two-team relay race, where the kids have to transport a strawberry on a spoon without dropping it. The winning team member gets one crack at the Strawberry Pinata, with the bat while of course wearing the blindfold.


Honey Pie is the horse that lives by Strawberry Shortcake. Draw the horse on a piece of white poster board and color it. Get the kids to help you make “tails” from yarn and tie each child’s tail with colored ribbons on one end. Whoever gets their tail closest to the spot marked “x” for the tail, wins the Strawberry Hat!


This is an adaptation of the classic Duck, Duck, Goose game. Simply substitute words from the duck and goose theme with “Strawberry, Strawberry, Shortcake”. Have all of the children except one sit in a circle facing each other. The one child standing goes around the circle, tapping each of his or her friend gently on the head while saying, “Strawberry” with each tap.

When the tapper touches a child’s head and says, “Shortcake!”, the child whose head was just tapped jumps up and chases the tapper around the circle. The tapper tries to get all the way back to the Shortcake’s spot without getting tagged by the Shortcake child. If the tapper gets back to the Shortcake’s original spot, the Shortcake becomes the new tapper and the game continues. If the Shortcake catches up with the tapper, the tapper has to continue his or her turn around the circle again.

For supper, spread out a Strawberry Tablecover on the kitchen table and cinch it with a Strawberry Centerpiece. A healthy, simple meal for Strawberry Shortcake fans would be a fruit salad and peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. If you’re feeling especially festive, get a good knife, cut off the crusts and shape the sandwiches into strawberry shapes. Place raisins on the bread for strawberry seeds and slices of kiwi for the leafy tops. Serve the food on disposable, colorful Strawberry Plates.

For desert, let the kids try to make their very own strawberry shortcake! Supply one tray of scones or biscuits, one tray with whipped cream, and the last with rinsed and chopped strawberries. Again, serve on the festive Strawberry Plates.

To drink, serve Orange Blossom’s Punch (orange punch mixed with clear soda pop) in Strawberry Cups with Strawberry Straws. If possible, supply each girl with a small teapot so she can be at her Tea Party Best and pour pink lemonade into her tea mug. It’s a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party idea that’s sure to please!

A great Strawberry Shortcake Birthday idea would be to make loot bags resemble strawberry baskets, or decorate pink baskets with red boughs, or simply try our colorful and decorative Strawberry Loot Bag. Fill loot bags with Strawberry Treat Bags, Candy Watch, and Strawberry Lip Gloss. Also, check out candy jewelry and try getting some clear wedding bubbles and dropping some red food coloring in to make pink bubbles! Print out a Strawberry Shortcake logo onto labels for each! Feel free to check out our party favors section for decorations, party games and more Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party ideas.