At your child’s birthday party, let the fun and excitement begin by taking advantage of these unique SpongeBob party ideas, SpongeBob party games and SpongeBob party decorations we have collected for you!

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    SpongeBob Party Favors

Under the Sea Decorations
To begin, our first SpongeBob Party Idea requires that we decorate, SpongeBob Squarepants style.

Make a “Welcome to Bikini Bottom” sign (the land where SpongeBob comes from) with blue bristol board, color it with starfish and jellyfish, and a stick for the end of the driveway, or walkway up to the steps. Over the front entrance, hang a Happy Birthday Party SpongeBob Banner.

Next, decorate the party rooms so that they look like they’re underwater or giant fishbowls. Use blue streamers to make the waves around the room, clear and blue balloons to look like bubbles, and red balloons with long dangling purple ribbons so they look like jellyfish. Hang green streamers in the doorways as a sort of seaweed curtain for kids to pass through from room to room. Stick fish cutouts on walls and some from the ceiling. Lay bowls of seashells around the rooms. Hang pool floats from the ceiling to make it look like you really are underwater. Fill a large fishbowl with goldfish crackers. Have Jamaican reggae music on in the background to really set the Caribbean mood. Set up a bubble blower, or colorful SpongeBob Fish Bubble.

Now that you’ve got the place decked out Bikini Bottom style, it’s time to get down to some fun SpongeBob games and activities.

First things first, as the children arrive at the door, greet them with a yellow lei, and say, “Welcome to Bikini Bottom.”

Bikini Bottom Playground

You will need to prepare two pieces of yellow bristol board. Lie them lengthwise, back-to-back, and tape the top. Then have your child stand sandwiched inside the two draped bristol board pieces, and mark where your child’s nose touches the front bristol board and arms dangle at the sides. Now cut out a circle big enough for your child’s eyes and nose, and tape the sides together, leaving room for the arms. Draw in SpongeBob’s features. Each child will delight in posing as SpongeBob, and once the pictures develop, send it along with your post-party SpongeBob Thank You’s!


Tell each child to bring an empty shoebox. Have them turn their box on its side and paint it blue. Provide cardboard cut outs of fish and starfish, and a sample jellyfish made out of red play dough with purple ribbons dangling from twist ties stuck in the bottom. Supply them with plenty of play dough in various colors, stick-on “googly eyes,” red and purple ribbons (for jellyfish tentacles), colored construction paper, washable markers, safety scissors, toothpicks (for crab legs) glue, and sparkles. They’ll be immersed in their imaginations, making their very own Bikini Bottom! And they have their own creations to take home!


Soak a big sponge in water, wring it out, and then sprinkle it lightly with flour to make it feel slimy. Sit the kids in a circle, play music and pause it at mixed intervals. Whoever’s left holding the slimy sponge when the music stops is out of the circle. Continue until there’s only one child remaining. This child gets the first piece of birthday cake!


Unwire some coat hangers, taking time to carefully wrap the hook ends of the hangers with layers of duct tape. Assign each child a fishing pole. Hang a blue curtain (to simulate the sea) and hide behind it. Tell each child to individually fish for loot. Begin by placing silly things on the end…seaweed, an old sock, dryer lint, even a bag filled with bits of garbage. The larger the variety of silly things, the more fun! Finally, after some fun and teasing, attach the child’s loot bag.


As a snack, serve individual aquariums or blue jello filled with gummy fish in a clear plastic cups. Fill SpongeBob Cups with “Shark’s Blood”: a mixture of red Kool-Aid ice cubes and a clear soda pop. The kids will watch in amazement as the colors mix!

Try serving hamburgers on SpongeBob Kids Plates and call them Crabby Patties for the main meal. Decorate the table with SpongeBob Pineapple Cups filled with pineapple juice. As an extra treat, let the kids take the pineapple cups home with them!

For desert, why not bake a SpongeBob cake in a square non-stick pan. Use blue, black, white and pink icing to color SpongeBob’s eyes, teeth, mouth and tongue. Cut into squares and serve on SpongeBob Square Plates.

Spongebob Loot Bag

For a great SpongeBob party idea that costs very little, pick up some flat sponge that quadruples in size when immersed in water. Cut rectangular strips of the dry, flat sponge and use permanent markers to decorate a picture of SpongeBob. On the bottom back with a fine-line permanent marker, write “Put me in water.” Great for more underwater fun! Also try these sure-to-please SpongeBob party ideas: SpongeBob Figures, SpongeBob Tattoos, SpongeBob Pencils, SpongeBob Squirt Frogs, and a Flashing Jelly Yo-yo, to name just a few.