Looking for the perfect Spiderman Birthday Party ideas for kid 1 to 10 years? Be a Super Hero and throw an unforgettable Spiderman party that they will love! We have some of the most fun and unique Spiderman Birthday Party ideas, spiderman decorations and Spiderman games and supplies.

Some ideas are below for spiderman party decoration:

Latest Spiderman Decoration Ideas:

latest decoration idea



Outside party spider decor

outside party spider decor



Spider man Birthday Party Ideas for 2 Year Old:

Spider birthday party

spider birthday party



Spider cake latest idea

spider cake latest idea



Spider decor

spider decor



Spider full decoration

spider full decoration



Spider party bag

spider party bag



spider table

spider table



Spider theme table

spider theme table



Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Year Old:

Spider theme

spider theme


Best Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas for 5 Year Old

Spider wall decoration

spider wall decoration


Spider man Birthday Party Ideas for 7 Years Old

spiderman birthday party ideas free printables



Spider man Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old Boy

Spiderman latest design decor

spiderman latest design decor

Spiderman Party Decorations

Hang a Spiderman Door Poster on the entrance door and lead a trail of spiders made of black pipe cleaner up to the front door and on throughout the house. Inside, create web decorations to cover the ceiling with cocoons of villains (downloaded pictures of Dr. Octopus, the Green Goblin; etc, attached to cardboard and wrapped in string with heads showing).

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Spider man Birthday Party Ideas for 3 Year Old

Spiderman party decorations homemade

spiderman party decorations homemade


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Spiderman party ideas & decor

spiderman party ideas & decor


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Spiderman party ideas 4 year old

Draw and hang cut out designs of buildings. String blue, red and black streamers and balloons in all the party rooms and play the Spiderman song on the stereo. Put a Spiderman Piñata filled with candy in an open space, or look to our party favors section to find more ways to decorate with some great Spiderman Birthday ideas!

Spiderman party ideas food

spiderman party ideas food


Spiderman themed birthday party decoration

spiderman themed birthday party decoration


Spiderman Party Games Ideas:

Draw a spider web on a piece of bulletin board and stick a spider with some double-sided tape on the center. Each child gets three tries to knock the spider off with a hackey sack or soft ball of some sort. The first successful contestant to knock off the spider gets a set of Spiderman Tattoos. Meanwhile rotate all the contestants until each child qualifies for the Spiderman Tattoos.


Everyone loves a treasure hunt, especially when it means unraveling this web of fun! Before the party, cut several pieces of different colored yarn, each about 15-20 ft. long, and attach a small toy to the end of each one.

This will create a massive web! Slowly stretch each length of yarn around the room, wrapping them around furniture and intertwining them with other pieces until you have used all the pieces. Simply put, each child has a different color string and has to find their prize at the end by untangling their string.

They’re sure to be giggle as they get caught in this giant spider web, and they’ll definitely love the prizes at the end!


Before the kids arrive, make “bad guys” – brightly colored poster board circles with “bad” faces (aka The Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, or any criminal type) and hang them from trees, fence posts, and other locations in the backyard. Have each child decorate their own “superhero cape” with Spiderman Stickers and other miscellaneous stickers.

Once clad in their superhero capes, give each kid either a can of silly string or a water gun. Then set them loose to run around spraying the “bad guys” with “web juice,” and keep those dastardly criminals from lurking within the metropolis!


This crazy game will keep everyone giggling! Tell your guests to form a circle and face one another. Instruct the children to extend their right hands into the ring and take a hold of someone else’s hand. Then, tell them to do the same with their left hands.

Challenge your guests to untangle the “web” by stepping over or ducking under others, and turning around. Whatever the children do, they must not let go of one another’s hands until the web is untangled!


Your guests will love this fun twist on a classic game! Before the party, draw a large spider web on a big piece of cardboard and post it on the wall. Then, print out several images of Spiderman from the Internet or make copies from a coloring book.

At the party, let the guests color their Spiderman pictures, and help them cut out the images when finished. To play, attach tape to the back of each Spiderman. Gently blindfold each guest one at a time and spin them around.

Point them toward the web and let them use their spidey sense to walk forward and stick their Spiderman picture on it. The child who places his or her Spiderman image closest to the center of the web wins!


Use green pasta with a white cheese sauce and call it Dr. Octopus Pasta. Add a green salad and call it “Green Goblin Salad.” Serve the meals on Spiderman Plates with Spiderman Napkins.

For a hard to forget, simply Spiderman fabulous cake, layer four square cakes on top of each other and ice it to make it look like a tall building. Put a small Spiderman figurine on the roof with webs of gel frosting shooting from his hands.

Secretly hand out the guests some Spiderman Blowouts for the post Happy Birthday song and candle blowout tribute.

Spired-Man Movie Favor Packs

Now that your spiderpeople are ready to go home and return to being Peter Parkers, it’s time to hand out the Spiderman Birthday Party ideas they get to take home with them! For treat bags you may want to get some made of black netting (spider webs), or simply buy some Spiderman Treat Sacks and Loot Bags.

A few more great Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas to include at the birthday party and in the loot bags are Spiderman Paddleballs, Spiderman Stickers, and Marvel Pez Assortments, to name a few!