In this post you can get all ideas of Pirate Birthday Party theme ideas for one to five Year Old kids.

The Pirate Birthday Party Theme is ideal for kids four-nine 4-9 years old, but with slight variations can be used almost for any age.

List of some pirate birthday party ideas are below:

Cute pirate decoration



Easy pirate decorations

easy pirate decorations



Homemade pirate party decorations

homemade pirate party decorations



Interesting pirate decoration

ineteresting pirate decoration


Girl Pirate Birthday Party for Ideas 4 Year Old:

Minion pirates decoration


Shiver me timbers, have we got some Pirate Party Ideas for you! Complete with pirate party decorations, pirate games, and, of course, pieces of the old pirate treasure map, our Pirate Party Ideas are sure to give your Captain and shipmates a pirate birthday party they’ll never forget!

Pirate birthday party food ideas

pirate birthday party food ideas



Pirate birthday party ideas 4 year old

pirate birthday party ideas 4 year old


Cute Pirate Birthday Party for Ideas Three Year Old:

Pirate birthday party invitations

pirate birthday party invitations



Pirate cake ideas

pirate cake ideas


Best Pirate Birthday Party for Ideas Two Year Old:

Pirate collage

pirate collage


Pirate Birthday Party for Ideas 5 Year Old Boy

Pirate interesting idea

pirate interesting idea



Pirate party decoration ideas

pirate party decoration ideas



Pirate party ideas for 3 year old

pirate party ideas for 3 year old


Pirate Party Decorations

Mark your house with an “x” by painting a gigantic “x” on a piece of poster board and sticking it to the front door. Singe the edges for the old pirate treasure map effect. Place Pirate Flags outdoors along your walkway to the door.

Pirate shoot

pirate shoot


Now, it’s time to deck out the crows nest with black, red and gold streamers and balloons. Try various pirate party ideas like our Pirate Decorations and gigantic Inflatable Parrot to add to your theme. As each guest arrives, cheer “Ahoy, matey,” and supply him or her with an Eye Patch, Bandana and a Pirate’s Vest.

Pirated cake

pirated cake


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Pirated collage

pirated collage


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Pirate decoration idea



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Pirate themed table design

Pirate Birthday Party Food Ideas

Pirate Birthday Party Food Ideas



Pirate themed cake idea

Pirate Party Bags Ideas

Pirate Party Bags Ideas



Pirate themed decoration

Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate Party Ideas



Pirate party decoration

How To Throw A Pirate Party

How To Throw A Pirate Party



Pirate party theme

Princess And Pirate Party Games

Princess And Pirate Party Games



Pirate party decoration

Girl Pirate Party Ideas

Girl Pirate Party Ideas



Pirate cake decoration

Pirate Ship Ideas

Pirate Ship Ideas


Here are few more ideas for those of you who wants to make your own invitations. Depending on the age of invited children you might do it in two ways:

  • For younger kids just find the pictures of a cartoon-like pirate, pirate flag, knife, and crossed bones. Use a computer to make a nice collage and then print it, or cut-out the pictures and glue them all together on your invitation.
  • For older kids make the invitation pages look like a black and white pirate flag, then make writings in red.
    The following wording can be printed on invitation: ” Aaarrr! Come if you dare to [kid’s name] pirate party. He is turning [number of years] and need shipmates to swab the deck, walk the plank and look for pirate treasure. We set sail on, Pier located at.., RSVP First Mate.”

Now that you’ve got your buccaneers ready for a good pillaging, let’s get some pirate party ideas together and have us an adventure!

Pirate Party Games:

Engage your little buccaneers in a swashbuckling hunt for some party treasures! The steps are simple and fun. First, draw a simple diagram of the room or rooms where the treasures are to be hidden. Photocopy the map for the number of participants.

Next, store secret stashes in bags marked “Captain (child’s name)” in hiding places among the rooms. Fill the labeled treasure bags with equal amounts of chocolate gold coins, second-hand store beads, and other fun pirate loot.

Now simply mark each child’s treasure with a big black “X” at the location it’s to be found. Crumble up the paper to make sure it looks old, smooth it out again, roll them each into scrolls and slip each treasure map into a glass bottle with bits of sand and shells at the bottom, and hand them out to your pirates!


This is a simple game where each child walks across a balance beam (a wooden plank would do, with a book in the middle) and the other children pretend to be crocodiles by clapping their hands and making crocodile sounds.


Simply draw a ship with a mast on a large piece of poster board, and put a red circle on the mast where the flag should go. Download a picture of skull and cross bones, photocopy the image for the number of kids, and cut a triangular shape around the image. Finally, write the name of the guest on the bottom of each.

As you pass the flags out, put double sided tape on the same corner of each. Now individually blindfold and spin around each child until he or she is facing the pirate ship. The flag closest to the red dot wins!

PIRATE FUEL – Party Food Ideas

Once they get thirsty, and they will, fill their Pirate Cups with some “Sharks Blood,” or clear soda pop and red Kool-Aid ice cubes. Even the biggest pirate will be mesmerized to watch his or her drink turn pink and red!

When it’s time for the birthday meal, seat everyone to a table decorated with a Pirate Tablecover, replete with Pirate Party Plates, Pirate Party Napkins and black or red plastic cutlery. Try serving Sword Fish Sticks (fish sticks) and Wild Boar Sandwiches (ham and cheese sandwiches) with a side of Seaweed Salad (mixed greens salad).

Next, show off with a Treasure Chest Birthday Cake. Make a double layer cake and hide gold wrapped chocolate coins and other treasures between the cooled layers, ice, and, surprise!

Mark the cake with an “x” and put a flag in the center. As you begin to cut the cake with a dull knife, bemoan that you haven’t been able to find any treasure at all, and how hard you’ve looked. This pirate party idea is sure to make them giggle as the jewels spill out.


Ahoy mateys, there’s plenty of loot to be had! Now that it’s time for your buccaneers to leave port and sail the seven seas, give them a loot bag that will keep them celebrating these great pirate party ideas in swashbuckling style!

Try filling a Pirate Loot Bag with a bag of gold wrapped chocolate coins, candy jewelry and a bag of play money and a gold, red and black helium balloon each. Other favorite Pirate Party Ideas for loot include: a Pirate Telescope, a Sticky Octopus, Magic Tricks, and much more!

More Pirate Party Favors:

Boy’s Loot Bag Favorites

Cars, Trucks, Planes, Lizards, Snakes, Bugs, Balls, Candy Treats, Games, Key Chains

Girl’s Loot Bag Treats

Princess Crowns, Candies, Lipsticks, Watches, Necklaces, Body and Belly Button Tattoos, Bracelet, Rings, Sunglasses, CDs and Videos

Pirate’s Treasure Favor Pack

Pack includes Treasure Box, Self-Adhesive Moustache, Pirate Eye Patch, Telescope, Pirate Figurine, and Pirate Flag. For an extra couple buks you can add there Plastic Pirate Sword, Pirate Hook, Parrot Beanie and Plastic Pirate Hat.

Pirate Party Invitations

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