How to Get Your Boyfriend Back When he Broke Up With You?

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back
How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Would you like to learn how to get him home? There’s a way out there. Let me begin from the start …

Your partner is beginning to pull back, what are you doing? You’re trying to make him more difficult to please, right?

Then he loses interest in you, he shows interest in you, he loses interest in you-you start feeling like a yo-yo and you don’t understand what you’re wrong with.

He finishes the connection all of a sudden, leaving you heartbroken and you question yourself , “What happened?”

Or perhaps you understand that you are going for a dissolution of a partnership or division of marriage.

Whether you knew him for a couple of weeks, a couple of months, a couple of years, or even in a marriage ; many of us females, if not all of us, were at some stage in a partnership in this scenario.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back
How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

When there’s a breakdown of the friendship and he’s left you, you’re not just full of feelings and issues, but you want to know how to get him home many times.


“There is a right and a wrong way of knowing
how to get him back


Yes I know, you just want to know how to get him back.

“O.K So How Do You Get Him Back?”

Whatever you do under NO circumstance should you…

  • Call him
  • Write to him
  • E-mail him
  • Text him
  • Or contact him in any way

At least not yet and not that way. You actually want him to chase you again rather than you chasing him. Chasing him is a big mistake and will only push him further away from you rather than back in your arms.

Making sense?

I know you probably want to tell him how broken hearted you are and ask him what went wrong?…and you will…but not just yet. It’s all about timing…

If you want to know how to get him back then DO NOT contact him…at least not just yet

Yes I said do not contact him in anyway and give him time out. More importantly give yourself time out and he’ll most likely begin to wonder what you’re up too. It will give you some much needed time to think too. And while you’re at it give yourself a real boost and learn the art of being irresistible.

How To Get Your Boyfriend Back When He Broke Up With You
How To Get Your Boyfriend Back When He Broke Up With You

This is actually a crucial time period. If you leave not contacting him too long, you’ll risk losing him all together. But contacting him too soon can sabotage any rekindling of getting back together. There is infact a way to get him chasing you again. A window of opportunity you don’t want to miss to know how to get him back again.

Every breakup is different and the so to are the scenarios. For example – What if he’s seeing other women? What if he’s moved on? Then what do you do?

There are certain ways to handle the different breakup scenarios and there is one thing you MUST do to make things work again no matter what breakup scenario you’re in. Michael Webb explains this best in his book “Getting Him Back.”

So let’s get back to connecting with him after he’s left. Afterall, that’s what you want. You want to get him back.

I know it’s hard NOT to write, text or call him – really hard. Afterall, girls want questions answered and closure. But think about it, do you really want to chase after him? If you chase him – you will get hurt – Guaranteed.

Either he’ll play with your feelings leaving you confused and even more hurt or you’ll just look desperate, needy and very insecure. Now you don’t really want to go there, do you?

That’s when you need your girlfriends for support and to help keep your mind off him. This is when you need to keep yourself occupied – go on a holiday with your best friends, join the gym, work like you’ve never worked before, go after those goals you’ve been meaning to accomplish and try and have fun. (I know it’s hard when your stomach is in knots but once you take the first step it slowly gets easier)

Afterall, isn’t your selfworth higher than you chasing him out of pure fear you’ll never meet another man?

Have him chase you again. Think about it… Is he really worth your time and energy if he’s really not that into you? If he wants you back he will chase you to get you back and that was when you had that window of opportunity to get him back. Sound confusing? it’s not really but it all comes down to timing and if you really do want him back.Have you asked yourself that question yet? Do I really want him back?

Think about it… Do you want hime back?

Instead invest that time and energy in you again. Find out how to be a confident and irresistible woman. (whether you are in a relationship or not).

If he did leave you he may just need a break to sort himself out. Sometimes men have to lose you to appreciate what they had in you. It’s true. Men have a hard time being able to understand their own feelings, emotions and being able to put themselves in your shoes.

In The Mean Time This Is What You Have To Do

Often the way women think how to get him back only does the complete opposite.

As you can begin to see…

Once the two of you have separated and though you’re feeling broken hearted it gives you time to decide…

Get him back or forget him?

This is very important time you need for yourself and your heart. This is the time when you can reflect back on your relationship. Then decide by asking yourself “Is he good for me?”

I’ll admit this decision isn’t easy – it’s confusing because often your head and heart say two different things.

It really is a confusing and painful situation to be in but the only way to your own truth is taking time out for yourself. To really get in touch with yourself again. Regain your confidence and self esteem and let those emotions of anger, sadness and numbness settle. So when you do speak to him again you’re more calm rather than a raging rollercoaster of emotions. (A real turnoff)

He too has a lot going on in his heart he has to sort out. We think by talking to him and giving more of ourselves to him, will make him come back but it doesn’t. Men don’t respond well to intense emotions or soothing his emotions. And giving more of ourselves comes across as, would you believe it? – controlling to him.

The only way to a mans heart when he’s left you is to step back and give him space. Only for a little while though. If you do want him back there is an opportunity to have him chase you again. Also remember men aren’t on the same emotional level like women.

This is the time you have to feel in your heart and decide… If you deserve another man who is truly good for you.

Or get him back the right way in How Do I Get Him Back.

If he misses you, still loves you and wants to make it work – he will call you. You will get back together if you both still feel the same way for one another.

Once he calls you and the way you handle the calls will seriously affect how long he’ll stay interested in you. Many women go terribly wrong when it comes to calls, emails and text messages and end up pushing him away. Find out why calling men will either make or break your relationship with him.

“Once You Have Gotten Him Back”

You will be guided through your relationship for the next 12 months. So keep How Do I Get Him Back in a safe place so you can refer back to it, anytime. You don’t want to lose him again and have the same relationship you had with him, now do you? Infact now you will have a better relationship with him!

For the serious! Learn how to get him back doing it the right way with proven methods or push him in the arms of another woman, trying to get him back your way.

I suggest you take notes while reading and then apply the steps. If you don’t take action nothing can happen.

You’ve got nothing to lose – Find out how to get him back or discover you deserve better and find Mr Right.


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