What to Get Your Sister’s Boyfriend for his Birthday?

To select a gift for Sister’s Boyfriend on his Birthday, a gift that you think is perfect and truly reflects your feelings, is not easy to come by. You may spend days, even weeks, looking for the perfect gift for a close friend but friends are precious and you want to show you care for and love them by giving them an occasional gift. If you are foxed about what to get, here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a gift for Sister’s Boyfriend on his Birthday.

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Chocolate Gifts

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So with that theory in mind you might want to buy your dad or brother a nice box of Christmas chocolates such as a box of Just Truffles if he has a sweet tooth or a Dark bar of chocolate if he likes it rich. A decent sized box that is nicely presented and gift wrapped will show him that you didn’t just grab the nearest box of after dinner mints of the shop shelf. Buying from a chocolatier will show that you have considered his Christmas present.

A bottle of whiskey or wine

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For something to drink well a good bottle of whiskey or wine will be appreciated to see in the new year or it might be drunk before the end of Christmas day!! You could combine both food and drink with an ultimate Christmas hamper which consists of a wide selection of novelty Christmas chocolates and a bottle of wine. And lastly for something to read a good book of course, whether it be an autobiography, the latest car manual or a joke book there is always a book guaranteed to please.


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Aside from buying your loved one a man-sized box of chocolates or litre of whiskey you could go for some of the more popular Christmas gifts for men such as aftershave which often come as a set at this time of year, and the set may consist of aftershave, deodorant, and after shave balm or you could get him a novelty Santa set that might include shaving cream, razor and flannel.

Funky Socks

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Most men cant escape the sock, tie and boxer short presents, mainly from mothers and grandmothers, there almost certain to find a cartoon character pair of socks in their Santa stocking.

Christmas breaks

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If you have decided to escape the hassle of Christmas and leave the family behind to tend to their own xmas dinner. A three day break is a great Christmas gift for men. You could surprise him with a golfing weekend, or a city Christmas break to New York for a bit of sightseeing and shopping or you might just decide to stay in a hotel and relax with a glass or three of champagne and stuff your face with the room service hamper you ordered for his Christmas present.

Here are some list of more presents which you would like:

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How to select a gift for Sister’s Boyfriend on his Birthday?

A few suggestions

  1. First thing to do before buying the gift is to find out what your friend is really interested in. Is it books, sports, music or something else altogether. If you know their likes and interests your quest becomes easier.
  2. Then again you must set a price limit. The rule of thumb is – the older the friend the more expensive the gift. Of course if the gift is very thoughtful or something that you have made yourself (like a sweater or a crocheted tablecloth) then the price becomes unimportant.
  3. Gift-wrap the present attractively. Even old people like the excitement of tearing the wrapping paper off to take out the gift. Most people really appreciate the thoughtfulness and the extra effort of a gift wrapped and tied with a ribbon or a bow.
  4. Try to give the gift to your friend yourself. Sending it through the courier is not the same thing. Of course if you live in different cities then you have to depend on the post for delivery.

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