Birthday Gifts for the Music Lover Boyfriend

If you are searching gift for men who loves music then we are here to help you. 🙂 

Here are list of some outstanding and attractive gifts for your music lover dad.

Audiophile Pod

audiophile pod



Beanie Headphones Bluetooth

beanie headphones bluetooth



A great birthday gift for a man to receive is an MP3 player that contains his favorite tunes. Dads also keep old cassettes and CDs so another idea worth considering is compiling all the songs from his old cassettes into a single CD or MP3 for much easier access and playing of the songs. Indeed, for one to fill MP3 player with all his songs is quite an inexpensive gift but will truly be appreciated by the dad, if only because he realize all the effort that’s put into the gift.

Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones

beats noise cancelling headphones



Best Piano Lessons Dvd

best piano lessons dvd



There are a lot of great birthday gift ideas for dads, the giver just needs to be creative when buying, creating and personalizing one for him.  It must be remembered that dad likes gadgets and practical items. He also likes getting involved in his hobby or favorite sport. Whatever kind of gift one has in mind for his dad, the best present is not necessarily the best gift but actually the one which the giver has put so much thought and energy on it.

Blastmaster XL Ebay

blastmaster xl ebay


Bluetooth Ottoman Speakers

bluetooth ottoman speakers


Father’s Day Gifts for Music Lovers

Gifts for music lovers men

Birthday gift for Music loving Dad

It can be difficult when deciding what one should buy as birthday gifts for dad1. Normally any parent will love and appreciate anything that his child will give him. However, this does not mean it is fine to give him just about anything.  The child must definitely put some effort and energy in his gift to show that he really cares about his dad.

Bose Wave Music System ii

bose wave music system ii


Cassette Tape Usb Drive Bulk

cassette tape usb drive bulk


Clip On Speakers for Running

clip on speakers for running



Diy Cardboard Radio

diy cardboard radio



Game Tickets as Birthday Gifts for Dad

Game tickets are a special presents for dad, especially if his is a sports fan. A child can make it even more memorable by accompanying him to the game. A day of watching sports game with dad is certainly a wonderful birthday gift for him. Likewise, he can be given a nice jersey or any important memorabilia with the name of the sports team printed on it.

Heavy Metal Drumming

heavy metal drumming



Ion Jukebox Dock

ion jukebox dock


If one is in a quandary on what to buy for his dad, then he can also ask him about what he needs. However, he must try to do this in a subtle way. Perhaps a child can ask his mother about any great ideas as it is definite the she does have some. Maybe he can enumerate some of the thing that his dad loves to do. For one thing, most dads love to tinker in just about anything, especially if it is in electronics. So maybe an ideal gift is a tool box. For the sports lover, a fiberglass tennis racket or set of golf clubs should be in order.

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses Amazon

major scale musical wine glasses amazon


Mixtape Doormat

mixtape doormat



Peso Guitar Pick

peso guitar pick



Portable Turntable Scratch

portable turntable scratch


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Record Coasters DIY

record coasters diy


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Vinyl Record Clock kit

vinyl record clock kit


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Travel Guitar

Gifts For Classical Musicians

Gifts For Classical Musicians



Personalized Amp

Music Themed Gifts

Music Themed Gifts



Pick Punch

Diy Gifts For Music Lovers

Diy Gifts For Music Lovers



Record Doormat

Personalised Music Gifts

Personalised Music Gifts



DJ Mixer

Personalized Gifts For Musicians

Personalized Gifts For Musicians



Record Bookends

Gift For Music Lover Boyfriend

Gift For Music Lover Boyfriend


Unique Birthday Gifts for Dad

One can make him enjoy a unique experience. A child can encourage his dad to try something different or a hobby that he has always wanted to do but does not have the courage to do so. He can pay for a voucher for unique type of sports or leisure activities that he always wanted to experience. Does he always want to learn how to fly? One can give him a flying lesson for a gift. Likewise, a day away from his stressful work and doing something that’s all about having fun and excitement is definitely a unique gift that he will truly enjoy.