Best Gifts for Every Wedding Anniversary       

Anniversary Gifts For Each Years

From the first wedding anniversary to your last there is a list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year to celebrate the occasion. These are based on items that show the maturity of your relationship through the years, so the first anniversary is paper, and the sixtieth is diamond, denoting growing strength as well as value. Each anniversary gift symbol has a significance with the modern list matching modern standards of living.

When looking for gifts for every wedding anniversary, consider the gifts by year so you can celebrate in style. You do not have to do this with every year, but for the milestone anniversaries, such as when you are looking for 25th anniversary gifts, these lists are invaluable.

1 Year:paper and clocks

Paper may be fragile but cared for properly can last a lifetime. Continue marking the precious passage of time you have together.

1 Year Anniversary Gifts
1 Year Anniversary Gifts

2 Years: cotton and china

The cotton threads symbolize how connected you are as a couple, whilst being more flexible. China mirrors the strengths and fragility within relationships.

2 Years Cotton And China
2 Years Cotton And China

3 Year Anniversary: leather and crystal/glass

Leather represents security,and cut glass reflects light and beauty.

4 Years: fruit or flowers and appliances

Flourish with fruit or flowers, or perhaps a more practical gift signifying how settled you are together.

Fruit Or Flowers And Appliances
Fruit Or Flowers And Appliances

5 Years: wood and silverware

Wood symbolizes your relationship being well-rooted like a tree. Silverware also gives you an excuse to enjoy more special, romantic meals together.

5 Years Wood And Silverware
5 Years Wood And Silverware

6 Years: iron and wood

Iron symbolizes the strength of a marriage and wood your combined resilience.

7 Years: copper and desk sets

Copper is warmer metal than iron, depicting further growth from the previous year. A desk set can bring a personal touch to their workplace.

8 Years: bronze and linen or lace

Blending both copper and iron, bronze indicates an increasing strength in your relationship, also being defined as delicate and beautiful, just like lace.

9 Years: willow or pottery and leather

Willow is flexible, and pottery is molded from a lump of clay into something beautiful, symbolic of the changes within a marriage to make it a success. Leather endures well.

10 Years: aluminum or tin and diamonds

Being pliable and used in preservation, aluminum and tin mark the flexibility required to get to your tenth anniversary. Diamonds are a congratulatory gift to celebrate your first decade together.

15 Years: crystal and watches

For clarity and transparency, choose a cut-glass crystal gift or mark the time you have been together with a smartwatch.

20 Years: china and platinum

Handle your love with care, and it will last all the tests of time, just like china. Platinumis tough enough to cope with all that life has thrown out in two decades.

25 Years: silver

A quarter of a century together is celebrated with the precious metal that gives the anniversary its name, the silver anniversary.

30 Years: pearls and diamonds

Representing the hidden beauty of a long and mature union in pearls, Endurance, beauty, and strength are represented by diamonds.

35 Years: coral and jade

Coral represents the love that protects your marriage.  Jade represents luck, wealth, wisdom as well as passionate love

40 Years: ruby

Rubies color never fades, like your love for each other.

45 Years: sapphire

A popular precious stone in engagement rings in the UK royal family, this is another symbol of longevity.

50 Years: gold

The golden anniversary celebrates prosperity, wisdom, strength, and optimism.

55 Years: emerald

Emeralds signify true love as well as devotion and adoration.

60 Years: diamond

Unconquerable and enduring love.


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