Cowboy Party Ideas

Looking for some cowboy party ideas and party decorations for your little cow-pokes birthday party? Then saddle up with these great cowboy party decorations and cowboy party ideas for a stomping good time!


Get ready for some yip-yippee! fun and set the mood for your little cowboys and cowgirls with these great party decorations.

First get bales of hay and put ‘em everywhere for both décor and extra seating. Make homemade rope streamers by strewing rope with strips of denim and worn brown leather (from old clothes or a second hand store). Trace and color stencil images of cowboy hats, rustic belts, saddles, lassos, or any kind of cowboy like paraphernalia, onto pieces of poster board and fill up the house! Pick up a cheap horse calendar, tear out pictures, and stick ‘em up! Fill ‘er up with balloons and streamers in blue, white and brown. Try getting some smiley face balloon to make some little cowboy buddies! Make these adorable cowboy buddies by simply tracing a pair of conjoined shoes onto cardboard, cutting out the foot pattern and painting it black. Cut a small hole in the center and insert the tied end of the blown up smiley face balloon. Tie a red bandana around the neck of the balloon and add a child size cowboy hat to the top of the balloon. So cute, the kids will want to take one home with them!


This game is sure-fire hit with any cowboy or cowgirl. Before the party, set up three tin cans on a bench outdoors, one balanced on top of the bottom two, and make a line with masking tape for your little ranchers to stand behind. When the kid’s are ready, hand the first a squirt gun and let him or her shoot a full round of water at the tin cans! Once the water’s out or all the cans have fallen, it’s on to the next!


Get their adrenaline running and their energy out with this cowboy and cowgirl favorite. Before hand, create the perfect racehorse: all you need is some brown felt, a pair of googly eyes, a broom or mop with a removable end and a Styrofoam ball about the size of a cantaloupe. Remove the end from your broom or mop so you’re left with the stick and carefully poke it all the way through the center of the foam ball or “horsey head” so that the stick doubles as a snout. Fray the brown felt to make it look like a mane and tape it onto the end of the stick. Now that your racehorse is ready, set up a challenge course in your backyard with white flags leading the way (pencils with white paper taped to the end). Make the course last about two minutes, with easy obstacles for jumping over and scooting under. Have someone stand with a timer and as each child is saddled up and ready to begin, pop a balloon as a starting gun! Time each racer, and at the end, tell them that the times were so close, they’ll all have to be declared winners!


This slithery cowboy game is cheap, easy and fun to play. Get an old pair of beat up cowboy boots, weigh them with bricks or rocks, and stick cardboard inside to keep them held open. Get the kids to stand at an equal distance from the boots in a circle. Hand them small rubber snakes to toss the snakes into the boots. Let them retrieve the snakes until they’ve each had their fill.


Get the country spirit flowing with some good old-fashioned country blue grass or western music. Sit the kids in a circle and have them put on a cowboy hat, take it off and pass it on to the child beside him or her. Stop the music intermittently, and the child left wearing the hat is out. The last one left with the hat wins…and gets to keep the hat!


For a good old-fashioned cowboy feed, serve up barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs with beans, corn on the cob and corn bread on Red Bandana Plates. For a side, throw in some “Rattle Snake Soup” (any soup with strips of hot dog added). Serve Red Bandana Cups up with a splash of sarsaparilla or root beer. Serve all the food out of cowboy hats and tin pans to make the western setting complete!
Decorate your little cowboy’s cake with cowboy or horse plastic figures, or make it into the shape of a country western boot and decorate with light and dark brown icing and silver bead cake sprinkles for studs and spurs.

For a fun cowboy party loot bag, pile their loot into a Light Up Cowboy Hat! Throw in homemade “Cow Paddy” cookies (double chocolate cookies), squirt guns, cowboy coloring books and small, clear plastic bags filled with yogurt covered raisins, labeled: “Genuine Rattle Snake Eggs” and “CAUTION: Gonna hatch any minute!” For a truly spectacular cowboy birthday party, search our site for more cowboy party ideas on party decorations, and have some yip-yippee yahoo fun!