If you are searching for the perfect gift for someone a generation or two younger than you, chances are that you maybe a little confused. There are so many choices, trends and new merchandise in the market that who knows what would make the right gift! In this article, we are penning down some core principles that could guide your gifting choices when it’s for people younger than you.

How to choose the right gift for people younger than you?

  • Knowing the person

It goes without saying that when gifting, knowing the person well enough to gauge their interests is pivotal. Perhaps it’s your niece or nephew whom you get a chance to interact with more in life, or a neighbor’s child who you know only as a mere acquaintance. Gifting the most useful items is based on knowing your receiver well.

If you are unsure about their interests, a couple of pointers to help:

  • Shoot an email to their parents, or if you are close enough, give them a call and ask for suggestions.
  • Do a bit of stalking on social media. Now don’t feel guilty because you are not doing this for a bad purpose. Almost everyone is on social media these days and you can definitely find personality clues and maybe even registries or wishlists to fuel gifting ideas on websites like GiftLightBulbs, Pinterest and Amazon.
  • Ask people who are the same age as the recipient for suggestions. If you are close to someone who recently joined college, give them a quick shout out. Talk to your niece or nephew about what everyone in their school is currently crazy about. Explore your network before finalizing a gift.
  • Thinking from their shoes
Thinking From Their Shoes
Thinking From Their Shoes

Think about how you were as a child. What were you curious about? What did you crave but never got the chance to try? What were the basic wants and desires when you were the recipient’s age?

These can give you vital clues as to how you should go about gifting. For a 25 year old woman who is focused on her career, the latest computer games might not be the best fit. For a child who loves reading and the arts, a sporting gift can be a damper. Unless …

  • Introduce them to something new

Children are often open to learning new skills. If you would like to surprise them by teaching them a new healthy habit, invest in items that are easy and at beginner level. These can be gardening or fitness gifts, small pets, musical instruments, camping gear, binoculars … The list is endless and with the ball being in your court, it’s easier to select such gifts.

Who knows, sometimes a bit of a push can give your recipient a whole new hobby!

  • The gift of experience

Evergreen gifts are the memories that you create with the person. Why not gift them something you both can be a part of such as tickets to a show or to their favorite game or concert?


For children, hands-on camping experiences, zoo memberships, gym and YMCA subscriptions make good gifts. For adults, a mini-vacation package or a night stay at a place they would like to explore will definitely bring some smiles. Even software and TV subscriptions can be considered worthwhile presents for the value they provide. Sometimes, enrolling them in causes near to them like helping others at a charitable event or volunteering for environment conservation projects can mean a lot more than physical gifts.

  • A truly personalized gift

Often, a gift becomes affectionate only when personalized. Even a dry gift like a video game can be made personal with a handwritten note or a fancy gift wrapping idea. If you feel your gift can be spruced up a little, think about giving it that extra personal touch.

There are many ways to do that such as by engraving or printing monograms, names, initials or inserting humor and quotations during wrapping. You can purchase custom-made photos, mugs, maps, throws or even whip up a food basket with treats you made yourself.

Your closeness to the person also decides the level of personalization. It is said that people of all ages prefer personalization over affordability when receiving gifts.

And if you want to give them the ultimate surprise, then …

  • Make gifting an event

Tingle your recipient’s curiosity by hiding the gift initially. And make sure he or she has to work to get it. You can give them clues or have clues leading them into each other. You can even make the gift giver’s name anonymous and reveal yourself later.

Stick the gift on to something they wouldn’t notice usually or hide it behind forgotten books. This action flow generates tons of excitement that might sometimes overpower the gift itself. But it shows how you genuinely involved them in the gifting experience.

Mother Teresa once aptly said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

How true is that when we look for gifts for younger ones? The thought itself counts more than the action. The ultimate gift would be wishing all the good luck and blessings for your recipient right from the depths of your heart.