12 Lovely Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Did you know that auburn hair color ideas is pretty much as limitless as blonde and dark brown? Well, many people often think that because auburn is not as common as black or blonde, then there won’t be any option as much as those two. But they are so wrong. You can do just so many things with auburn hair.

Auburn is a color that lies somewhere between brown and red. That’s why you might see that some redhead have darker shade of red that more like a brown. That’s one of the obvious signs of an auburn hair. Anyway, don’t bother thinking if auburn is actually more of a red hair or a brown one, because each person can have it differently. Julia Roberts has natural auburn hair, but her auburn looks like a faded red instead of a bright flaming red.

Another shade that you might love to have is to make it darker, instead of like faded red. With darker shade of red or brown, your hair will look a bit purplish, but that’s okay. In case you’re a very bold person, you may even go for an ombre or dip dye to combine with your auburn locks. Now, that can be difficult to pull and relies on your type of auburn. If your auburn is more like a dark brown, just like the girl in the picture below. Then yes, a shocking red hair can look really great on you.

Anyway, another thing you should know is that this color suits for all ages. So don’t you worry about looking out of place. Just pick one that suits your personality more. As usual, don’t forget to drop a comment below and hope you have a great day!

The thing with having weave when you’re trying to sport a sleek and straight hair is that your hair might look very much thicker than it actually is. And to some people, this can be really awkward. But there are tricks to deal with straight weave. First of all, get a weave that shorter than your actual hair. This trick works on whether you want to have a super straight hair look, or add some natural wave. Another trick to employ is to have only a thin or short steps weave.

To make your weave looking even more natural, you should have it around the front of your hair. Whether it as your bangs, or part of your bangs. Also make sure that where your hair is parted will naturally hide the weave. If your hair is more on the shorter side, then get simple sleek bob haircut as a camouflage for your short weave. With proper styling, you can sport a very chic look with your weave. And well, since the weave is shorter than your actual hair, feel free to have fun with it. Just remember that straighten your hair will make it look more natural.